In Production

Mighty Afrin

A film about a 12-year old orphan in Bangladesh and her perilous journey against the backdrop of climate disaster.


INSPIRED shows how prominent artists are profoundly moved by a PLACE and how they in turn changed how we see those landscapes.

Brooklyn Is Burning

Brooklyn Is Burning tracks New York City’s diverse music and fluid social scene set against the backdrop of a gentrifying borough.

They Call Me Dr. Miami

This is first feature documentary on the world's most famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miami and the phenomenon of the body modification culture.


FATHER OF THE CYBORGS follows famed neurosurgeon Phil Kennedy as he risks self-experimentation on his own brain to continue his research to helped locked-in patients communicate.


Shot over a three-year period, in an observational, yet cinematic style, TOMBOY follows four diverse woman drummers, fighting to be heard, in a field that has historically been dominated by men.